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Basic Courses

Basic Courses

Nine Months Basic Course for Prison Officers

The Basic Course for Prison Officers is of nine months duration, offered to directly recruited prison officers. The objective of this course is to transform the raw recruits into competent prison officers who can professionally manage prisons. The officers who are recruited by the State Public Service Commissions generally hail from different educational backgrounds. They cannot be expected to have knowledge of relevant subject Correctional Administration. They must also be provided with necessary physical training to become members of uniformed disciplinary force. The course emphasizes on areas related to the functional competency and skills which are crucial to a “team oriented” and uniformed service like Prison and Correctional Administration.

Three Months Basic Course for Probation Officers

Probation officers are an essential part of the criminal justice system, dealing with offenders who have been granted probation in lieu of a prison sentence. They also play a pivotal role in reintegration of released offenders. They try to ensure that offenders have access to social and rehabilitation services when needed. Under the provisions of the Probation of Offenders Act, probation officers have to make inquiries, supervise probationers and other persons placed under their supervision. This 3-months long basic course is designed to equip probation officers with relevant subject knowledge, skill sets and exposure necessary to deal with duties and responsibilities of probation work.

Three Months Basic Course for Psychologists

Prison population is a very complex and heterogeneous group consisting of inmates coming from diverse psycho-social backgrounds. While many inmates are admitted into prison with troubled minds, many others develop serious psychological problems during their incarceration. Psychologists have a greater role in a prison setting where mental health condition and psychological well being of inmates are at greater risk. This 3-months basic course is designed to train and equip psychologists to work in a difficult setting like prison. The course is organized in such a manner that would enable the psychologists to familiarize with the prison-specific mental health problems and remedies required to tackle them.

Three Months Basic Course for Welfare Officers

Prisons are characterized as total institutions where a large group of individuals are kept together, who lead a formally round of life, cut off from the wider community for a considerable time. In order to reduce the stress and strain they experience due to incarceration and help them to adjust themselves to the prison atmosphere, many welfare measures are being organized. Welfare officers are appointed to co-ordinate the welfare activities for the prisoners. They act as a bridge between the inmates and the prison administration. Therefore welfare officers play a key role in smooth administration of prisons. To equip the prison welfare officers with necessary skills, knowledge and exposure, the Academy conducts a three months basic course for newly appointed prison welfare.