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Research & Development

Research, development and dissemination of information pertaining to prisons and correctional administration is one of the stated missions of the Academy of Prisons and Correctional Administration. The R&D wing of APCA was revived in 2011 and it is the only prison training academy in India with an exclusive wing for research and development.

The following are the major responsibilities of R&D Wing:
  • • Conducting research studies and publish of research reports and research capsules.
  • • Drafting, editing, and publication of APCA Newsletter.
  • • Content development, updating and maintenance of APCA Website.
  • • Preparation of proposals for short-term courses, conferences , seminars.
  • • Development of training modules and manuals
  • • Rapporteuring & preparation of programme reports.
  • • Conduct reference and research work for drafting of notes/replies for policy and programme related queries/request from Ministry of Home Affairs, Bureau of Police Research & Development, NHRC, Prisons Departments of sponsoring states etc.
  • • Handling classes for regular training programmes.
  • • Assist in organizing programmes and training courses.
  • • Concept design and development of new courses and preparation of reference materials for such courses.
  • • Other works assigned by Director & Deputy Director from time to time.
  • Research Projects

    Research Projects completed

    1. A comparative study of organizational structures, staffing patterns, and personnel policies of the prison departments of southern States
    2. A Study on Good Practices in Prisons of Southern States

    Ongoing Research Projects

    1. An evaluation of the effectiveness of 9-months basic training course offered by APCA
    2. Prison escapes in southern states