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Infrastructure of APCA
Infrastructure of APCA
Administrative Block

The Administrative Block of the Institute with two floors, houses the office of the Director, Deputy Director, Ministerial Staff, Visitors Lounge and Computer Lab in the ground floor. The 1st floor consists of the A/C class rooms and rooms for the academic staff and research and development wing.

Lecture Hall and Class Rooms

Two air-conditioned lecture halls with audio-visual equipments, LCD projector etc are set up for indoor instructional purpose. The lecture hall is situated in the first floor of administrative building. Apart from this, there are 3 class rooms for indoor training. The lecture hall and classrooms are set in such a way that learning can take place uninterrupted by outside distractions.


The Library is well equipped with infrastructural facilities and has over 4000 books from the field of Correction and its allied areas viz., Prison Administration, Human Rights, Psychology, Computer Applications, Sociology, Penology, Social Work, Law, Criminology, Management, Research Methodology, Probation and Reports of the various Prison Reform Committees, State Prison Manuals etc. In addition to this, newspapers, periodicals, journals, publications from correctional institutes and allied agencies from foreign countries are being subscribed currently. Some publications from the UN are also received. Though the main purpose of the library is to provide with relevant materials to the trainee officers the research scholars, academicians and professionals working in the field of prisons and corrections can also access the library for reference and research.

Mini Conference Hall

There is an air-conditioned conference hall with a conference table and also equipped with public address system. The conference hall is situated in the R&D centre, adjacent to the main building. This hall is regularly used for meetings and small conferences and other training activities like discussions, debates etc.

Computer Lab

A computer lab with 17 computers is available for trainee officers. All the computers are enabled with broad-band internet facility. A full time computer lecturer handles computer classes.

KLN Reddy Auditorium

The KLN Reddy Auditorium is an air conditioned hall with a capacity of 150 seats. It is equipped with modern audio-visual equipments to conduct conferences, seminars, cultural functions, public lectures, convocations etc.

Senior Officers' Hostel

A Senior Officers’ Hostel with 16 bath-attached single rooms and 4 A/C double rooms, which are suitably furnished, is available at the Academy. Senior officers and those who come for special courses are accommodated here.

Guest House

APCA has a well-furnished and maintained Guest House with 2 A.C. Suites and four A/C Rooms. There is lounge as well as a dining hall inside the Guest House.

Officers' Mess

The Officers Mess provide the officers with Indian cuisine. Healthy, fresh and low-sugar, Vegetarian and Non-Vegetarian food is served through the Mess. All care is taken to serve food with hygiene. The south Indian dishes served are based on rotation and every month state-wise food is served on a particular day. The Warden (Faculty in charge of Mess) round the clock supervises the Menu prepared and takes utmost care to avoid health problems caused due to food. The mess also serves food on payment to the guest who stays in the Guest of houses of APCA. About 60 trainee officers can be served with food at a time.


A well equipped dispensary with necessary stock of medicines and medical equipments is available at the academy. A full-time staff nurse is appointed to attend to the immediate medical needs of trainee officers. Part-time medical officer is also available for consultation.