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APCA Awards

APCA Awards

‘Innovation in Corrections’ & ‘Best Institution of the Year’

The Board of Management, APCA, in its 90th Meeting held at Vellore on 17.04.2015, approved a proposal in principle to institute two awards, namely, ‘Innovation in Corrections’ & ‘Best Institution of the Year’.

1. APCA award for ‘Innovation in Corrections’

This award will be presented every year to a prison official who is responsible for bringing a new correctional initiative in the prison departments of southern states. The objectives are:
1. To recognize the work of prison officials who introduce innovative practices in the prisons departments.
2. To promote excellence in correctional administration.

2. APCA Awards for ‘Best Institution of the Year’
Objective of the award:

To recognize the excellence demonstrated by the prison institutions in various aspects of correctional administration.
The award will be given in 5 different categories:
Category I – Central Prisons
Category II – Open Prisons
Category III – Special Prisons for Women
Category IV – District Jails
Category V – Special Sub-jails and Sub-Jails

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