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Training Components

Training Components

Indoor Training

Indoor training includes theory classes on Criminal Justice System, Psychology, Computer Applications, Sociology and Social Work, Penology, Prison & Correctional Administration, Criminology and Victimology, Constitution and Human Rights, Criminal Law and Management principles. The method of training includes lectures, group discussions, seminars, exposure to audio-visuals, etc.
To facilitate on the job training, trainees are placed in different correctional and allied institutions. This includes field visits, field placement, study tours, etc. To develop a sense of humanity in the officers, they are placed in institutions for mentally ill patients, etc. Trainees are also given opportunities to mingle with leading professionals and personalities in corrections and allied fields.
Field visits include visits to correctional institutions such as Central Prison, Women’s Prison, Observation Home, After Care Home, the Regional Probation Office at Vellore, the Juvenile Home allied institutions like de-addiction centers, centers for the mentally ill patients, center for rural development, the Finger Print Bureau and Forensic Lab, Fire Services etc. The trainees submit study reports on these field visit programmes.
Every batch of trainee officers is regularly sent on study tour to North and South India (to study the working conditions of prisons, correctional and allied institutions in different states). Through this they are exposed to the various institutions other than those in their own States and they also get the opportunity to mingle and share knowledge with their counterparts and senior officers from across the country.

Outdoor Training

As a healthy body is integral to maintain a healthy mind, APCA gives adequate importance for outdoor activities such as physical training, musketry, parade, karate, yoga, gymnastics, games, sword and lathi drills, etc. Examinations are also conducted for the outdoor activities. Training in fire fighting, electrical safety measures, first aid & CPR, swimming etc are also given as part of training.

A series of trips to the shooting range at Salamanatham which is located 25 Kms away from APCA, ensures good practice in shooting to the trainees. A shooting examination is also held at the end of the course.


Our desire for a clean environment represents a powerful sense of destiny and hope for the future. The staff deserves safe spaces on the campus and it is our responsibility to keep it clean and neat. We must build our own environment to meet those needs because we get fresh air, reduce pollution etc. Shramadan is conducted every Friday from 7.00 am to 8.00 am where all the staff trainee officers participate and clean the campus.